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Pool Cocktails

Married, With Cocktails

A podcast by brides, for brides.

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What's up!? 
We're Kenzie & Hannah

Two 20-something, next door neighbor gal pals who planned weddings at the same time.

What happens when you're the first of your friend group to get married? You learn a LOT. 


We're here and ready to dish on the wedding planning process, married life, girly stuff and everything in-between. Listen to avoid our mistakes, let us analyze your wedding planning problems, and hear some wedding/newlywed snafu stories at our own expense.


Follow our adventure as two semi-adults semi-adulting our way through the 21st century.


In this girly bridal podcast, we...


Discuss things we wish we knew when we were planning our weddings


Dish on newlywed and homeowner life (and our girly antics)


Break down what it means to be a bride in 2023


Tune in and get ready to wife cackle.

"Married, with Cocktails is the best podcast out there. It truly changed my life, and I can't believe it is free to listen to. I have never met such charming, beautiful, and deeply interesting girls in my entire life. Please listen, rate, review, and subscribe." - an adoring fan, definitely not us


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Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866 USA

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I need to listen IMMEDIATELY.


Despite the name "Married, with Cocktails", this podcast is intended for adults OVER the legal drinking age (21+ in the USA) ONLY. We are not advocating indulging in or over-indulging with alcohol. If you choose to consume alcohol, use  moderation. Please drink responsibly. Do NOT drink and drive. Adhere to the Surgeon General's warnings regarding alcohol use. Etc.


Also, this podcast is based on our experience. We do not claim to be experts in anything we talk about and will not be held responsible for any resulting misadventures. 

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